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Permanent participating life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that offers cash surrender values and allows you to "participate" in any profits of the participating products through dividends declared on the policy. Dividends can be paid directly to you or may be credited to one of the dividend options provided under the terms of the policy.

Empire Life has two distinct participating insurance products, Optimax Wealth and EstateMax, and each offer three payment options - 1) payments to age 100; 2) payments for the first 20 years of the coverage or 3) payment for the first 8 years of the coverage.

Guarantees can be very important when it comes to selecting the right insurance plan for you. EstateMax and Optimax Wealth combine guaranteed life insurance coverage and strong guaranteed cash values to provide reliable life insurance protection for you and your family. The added bonus is the potential to receive dividends each year. Dividends are not guaranteed. However, Empire Life has a track record of paying dividends on its participating plans every year since 1923*.

Participating insurance is a great choice for:

  • Young children, by taking advantage of their age for lower affordable rates
  • Families adverse to volatile swings in investment returns in the market
  • Small business with short and long term protection needs
  • Individuals looking for short or long term growth of their estate protection


*Past performance does not guarantee future results