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As Canadians, we lead the world in the amount of time we spend online1 and how quickly we adopted online banking services2. People of all ages are connecting and transacting over the Internet. So while employees at different life stages may value different benefits, the ease and convenience of submitting health benefit claims online appeals to all.

Our intuitive and intelligently designed system makes submitting claims easy—and greener, too! Employees can submit paramedical and vision care claims, dental, drug, and spending account claims.

Most claims are adjudicated in real time, which means that employees see right away how much they will be reimbursed (unless we require further information or receipts). This amount will be deposited in their bank account within 24 hours.

Is the dentist recommending an expensive procedure? Employees can also submit a dental predetermination to see how much they will be reimbursed for a specific procedure. And since planning is important, we’ve added a handy claim look-up tool so employees can review past claims, check coverage, and schedule treatments accordingly.

Employees can make a claim anytime, from anywhere. And while they must keep receipts for one year, they don’t need to submit them unless requested. No stamps, no trips to the post office, no waiting.

Now that’s convenient! 

Is eClaims for you?

You bet it is! Why settle for industrial age methods when twenty first century technology has so many advantages? With Empire Life e-Claims, you can:

  • Enhance employee benefits and build employee engagement
  • Demonstrate you are a progressive employer who cares about employees’ benefits—and the environment
  • Save time: our hassle-free service answers employees questions as they go—so they don’t have to ask you
  • Promote better adherence to coordination of benefits rules—and potentially save money too
  • Choose review and audit options that reflect your benefits philosophy and ensure that benefit dollars are protected

How eClaims work

Our intuitive system guides employees through the claim process in just a few easy steps. Employees:

  • Indicate who they are claiming for and update personal info at the same time, if needed
  • Select their provider and enter expense details (they can also signal coordination of benefits and ask to be reimbursed, in part, from their spending account if they have one)
  • Review a summary of their claim before submitting it
  • See right away what they will be reimbursed (real-time adjudication)
  • Receive payment in 24 hours, with the electronic explanation of benefits

We have a strong review and audit system to prevent and detect misuse or fraud. Our experienced claims investigation unit provides oversight to make sure things stay on track. We deploy the right resources at the right time, applying in-house experts and external service partners where needed.

Key features and benefits

Real time claims adjudication means employees know right away how much they will be reimbursed, and with our electronic funds transfer the money is back in their bank account in 24 hours.

It’s easy:

  • Intuitive and intelligent eClaims design delivers a hassle-free experience
  • Built in help tool gives hints and instructions at each step
  • Quick links help employees find details or update information all in the same session
  • Coordination with spending accounts, if employees have one, means that claims are completed in one go
  • Paperless system minimizes the environmental impact of claiming
  • Choice of email, take a picture, upload, fax, or mail when receipts are required lets employees respond in the way that’s most convenient to them

It’s fast:

  • Real-time claims adjudication delivers on-the-spot results
  • Personal profile and preferences are stored for future claiming, which personalizes the experience and saves time
  • Electronic funds transfer in 24 hours delivers rapid reimbursement
  • Electronic explanation of benefits speeds coordination of benefits with a spouse’s plan

It’s secure:

  • Housed on our secure plan member website means that personal information is protected

eClaims: it’s all about choice, convenience, control

For more information about eClaims, please call on your Empire Life Account team.

Get Empire Life eClaims working for you

To learn more about how eClaims can help you, please contact your group benefits advisor.

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