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eing diagnosed with a life threatening condition can be like suddenly landing in hostile foreign territory. At times like this, it helps to have an expert guide. The Health Concierge Service can help. Delivered by MedExtra Inc., the Health Concierge Service is a made in Canada solution designed to supplement the Canadian healthcare system. It bridges the gap between the care you would want if you were seriously ill and what our healthcare system is currently structured to provide.

Is the Health Concierge Service for you?

Empire Life is delighted to provide access to this market-leading service to everyone covered by one of our Group CI products.

How the Health Concierge Service works

The MedExtra team of experienced doctors and nurses deliver medical, tactical, and emotional support— before, during and after diagnosis. Assistance throughout the journey is key—and it’s one of the factors that make Health Concierge Service much more than a medical second opinion service. The MedExtra team can help:

  • accelerate the diagnosis

  • facilitate state-of-the-art treatment and follow up

  • facilitate a smooth return-to-work

  • provide clarity, continuity of care, and emotional support

Knowing the Health Concierge Service is there from the first suspicion that there may be a critical illness through to diagnosis, treatment and beyond is invaluable. From the moment the call is made to the Health Concierge Service, each individual has a dedicated Care Manager who guides them every step of the way. The MedExtra brand of customer service results in personalized, attentive, empathetic, and detail oriented care.


Key features and benefits

  • A made in Canada solution based on a deep knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system
  • Concierge service: personalized information, medical solutions, and emotional support before, during, and after diagnosis
  • More than a medical second opinion service with six areas of focus:
    • Accelerate the diagnosis
    • Facilitate state-of-the art treatment and follow-up
    • Facilitate return to work
    • Clarity
    • Continuity
    • Emotional Support
  • Services for both covered and non-covered conditions (fees may apply to non-covered conditions)

Get Empire Life CI and the Health Concierge Service working for you

This exceptional Service is the perfect complement to our Group critical illness insurance products. To learn more about how Group CI and the Health Concierge Service can help you build a healthier business, please contact your group benefits advisor.